Monday, 31 October 2011

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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Month of the Holy Souls

I think that this article in today's Guardian is a lovely introduction to the month of the Holy Souls.
If you haven't time to read the whole article, take a look at these two paragraphs:

Outside the church we bereaved ones are insistently urged to move on, to reach closure, not to be morbid. But inside our faith family we have this time of the year where parishes unite around prayer and remembrance for the dead. It is not considered gauche or uncool to bring to mind those whose passing made us weep. Death is placed in a context not only of eternity but of community. We pray for each of the dead, not simply for our own ones.
The church consists not merely of those now alive on earth but of those alive to God in heaven and in purgatory, something marked out by the twin feasts of All Saints and All Souls on 1 and 2 November. In particular the prayers we offer are for those souls still in purgatory. Whatever one may think of the theological basis for the doctrine of purgatory, it offers a psychologically realistic parallel between those gone and those left behind. As we endure suffering after and because of their passing, so too they suffer before reaching the goal of the beatific vision. We and they are in solidarity, a solidarity of both pain and hope.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Newsletter for 29/30 October - Sunday 31(A) - I think it works!

As far as I can see, the problem with Google Docs has been resolved and you can access the full newsletter here.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Newsletter for 29/30 October - Sunday 31(A)

There appears to be a hiccup with Google Docs where I usually put the newsletter so that people can link to it.
So that people have the information available, I have pasted the raw text below. Sorry that it looks rather a mess. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

Any queries please click here to email me.

The Parish of St Wilfrid of York
53 London Road,
Coalville, Leics, LE67 3JB
29/30th October 2011
First Reading: Malachi 1 — The Fatherhood of God.
Psalm Response: Keep my soul in peace before you, O God.
Second Reading: 1 Thessalonians 2 — Paul’s maternal care.
Gospel: Matthew 23 — Humility in service..
Throughout October we have been
making a special effort to pray the
Rosary. We have reflected on some
of the mysteries on which our faith is
founded. We have followed the joyful
events of the conception, birth and
early life of our Lord. In the mysteries
of light, introduced by Blessed John
Paul II, we have pondered some of
the ‘highlights’ of his
ministry. We have followed
him into the depths of his
sorrow and dying. We have
been privileged to glimpse
his glory, and the glory to
which he raises his Mother.
The story which the Rosary
tells is the foundation of all
we believe and all we hope
This is a very special consolation as
we approach November, the month of
the Holy Souls. The first day is the
wonderful Solemnity of All Saints
when we celebrate the glory to which
the Lord wishes to raise his faithful
people. After this burst of glory, the
mood becomes more restrained, but
still full of hope as we concentrate on
praying for all our departed loved
At this time of year I always think of
the words of St Monica to her children
as she laying dying:
One thing only I ask you, that you
remember me at the altar of the
Lord wherever you may be.
It is at the altar of the Lord that ‘We
proclaim your Death, O Lord, and
profess your Resurrection until you
come again.’ At the altar of the Lord,
this world and the next seem
very close. At the altar of the
Lord we remember the
mysteries of the Lord’s life
which are the basis for our
hope for this world and the
next. The altar of the Lord is
the best, privileged place to
pray for our departed loved
ones. This is why we offer
the Mass at funerals. This why we
have Mass offered for our loved ones
on birthdays, anniversaries, and other
significant days, and especially during
the coming month of November.
Eternal rest grant unto them, O
And let perpetual light shine upon
May they rest in peace. Amen.
Fr Colin
No. 170 J. Caulfield £25.00
Envelopes £403.45 Loose £156.44 £Standing Orders £123.54, Sr Jean £35.00
Harry Hill, Mrs Haywood, Maria Sharp, Nicole Williamson, Joan Briers, Teresa Sheriden,
Cecilia Geraghty, Eileen Jarvis, Joan Brown, Nuala Culley, Michael Grimley, Christopher
Hubbard, Robert Livingston, Paul Baldwin, Mary Ball, Ron Moreton, Peter Bullimore,
Roger Smith, Sheila Stacey, Robert Gallagher, Mona Grady, Mary Godden, Lilian
Stratton, Mary & Gordon Head, Pat Pullen, Mrs Pallett, Giovanni Brunetti, Emily Brown,
Madeline Moyens, June Faulks, Angela Powell, Val Alton, Anne Coe, Maggie Pickford
Connie Palmer, Philomena Rudge, Jo King, John Shorrock, John Hogan
Tristan Cole, Maya Douglas, William Boyd, Kian Beeby, Jayden Spiers
Thank you for all the donations. Envelopes are available at the back of Church. Each
may be used for up to three dedications.
Please return the Mission boxes to Shirley Kendrick at Church for emptying.
Transfer to De Lisle Catholic Science College: Parents must apply before 31st October,
2011. Late applications have the lowest priority. Log onto
Admission to St. Clare’s Catholic Primary School : Please apply on
line: You will receive an e-mail receipt enabling you to
check the progress of you application. Closing date 15th January, 2012. If you are
unable to access a computer, please approach the school for help on 01530 837747.
It is time to start looking towards next year’s first Reconciliation and Holy Communion.
Any young person in year three or above who is already attending Mass regularly is
eligible. Please write a brief note to Father Colin, including your contact details, and give
it to him personally after Mass not later than 20th November. The parents’ meeting to
introduce the programme will be at St Clare’s on Monday 28th November, commencing
with Mass at 7.00pm and the enrolment Mass for the children will be at 10am on
Sunday, December 4th.
... in Fr Balfe room until 9 November. Usually open after daily Mass and weekend Mass
but opening times will vary, please check separate leaflet.
...under St Joseph’s statue. Please list your departed loved ones on the forms provided,
and put the list in the envelopes together with your offering. Please leave the completed
envelopes in the basket.
..available at the back of Church. Free!
...Ellen Theresa Specht whose funeral Mass is on Monday
A SELECTION OF BOOKS... available for a small donation to St Wilfrid’s. They are at the back of Church this
...will be available from November 2011 and the Daily Missal from January 2012. If you
would like to pre-order a copy please see Anne Davis after Sunday morning Mass or
ring her on 01530 451118 between 6 & 7pm. Answer phone message OK.
Mass with Confirmation and the blessing of the new facilities will be at 7pm. We intend
to have light refreshments afterwards, and are looking for offers of finger food dishes:
NO MEAT as it is Friday, but fish, egg and cheese, a selection of sandwiches, quiches,
Asian savouries, cakes, buns, and anything else that doesn’t need knife, fork or spoon!
We are expecting c.100–150. There are sheets at the back of church. If you are able to
provide any of the above please sign up. We will also require c. 4 volunteers to help on
the evening serving drinks etc. and some to help set up during the afternoon.
...on behalf of the St Barnabas Society, formerly the Converts Aid Society.
... prayers at Hugglescote Cemetery at 2.30pm, and a special service (not Mass) to
pray for those who had died over the last year at 5pm. Families of those whose funerals
have taken place over the last year have been invited. Please come to welcome them
and to join them over a cuppa afterwards.
CONGRATULATIONS... our former parish priest, Mons Brian Dazelely who celebrates 50 years as a priest
this weekend.
The Bishop has appointed Father Colin as Dean of our Deanery. Among other duties,
he will have responsibility for chairing Deanery Meetings and for the pastoral care of
priests and deacons throughout the Deanery. Prayers please.
5/6thth November
Readers: TBA TBA
Offertory/Welcome: K. Cohoon Wright Family
Tote: J. Watkins Liam Moore
Tellers: J. Lycett & P.Holmes
Tea/Coffee: Abbott Family
Church Care: Volunteers
Ministries Rota: 29/30th October
Readers: Margaret Bodle P.Hancott & J Southall
Offertory/Welcome: Lycett Family Martin Family
Tote: Steve Walsh D. Starbuck
Tellers: J Caulfield/S Kendrick
Tea/Coffee: Filipino Group
Church Care: A Alcaraz
Sat 6pm Sun10am
Sunday Lectionary Year A; Weekday Lectionary Year 1; Psalter Week 3
Sat 29 6.00pm Mass for Winnie Marlow RIP
Sun 30 10.00am Mass for the People of the Parish
11.30am Baptism of Antonio & Luca Cottone
12.30pm Baptism of Bobby William Gilbert
Mon 31 11.00am Funeral Mass for Ellen Theresa Specht RIP
9..45am Mass for the People of the Parish
7.30pm Mass for Donor’s Intention
Wed 2 Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed (All Souls)
9.30am Mass for the Holy Souls (November List)
10.15am Cherubs
7.00pm Mass for all the Faithful Departed
Thu 3 10.00am Mass for the Holy Souls (November List)
Fri 4 St Charles Borromeo
7.15am Mass for Petie Cafferkey RIP
Sat 5 9.30am Morning Prayer & Holy Communion
5.15–5.45pm Exposition & Sacrament of Reconciliation
Sat 5 6.00pm Mass for Andrea Gazzelone RIP
Sun 6 10.00am Mass for the People of the Parish
2.30pm Prayers at Hugglescote Cemetery
5.00pm Prayer Service (see inside)
Parish Website:
Priest in Charge:
Father Colin Patey: Phone: 01530 832098
Rev John Timson: Phone: 01530 243477
Pastoral Assistant:
Miss Sue Tompkin: Phone: 01530 811486
St Clare’s Catholic Primary School: Phone 01530 837747
Head teacher: Mrs J Monaghan
De Lisle Catholic Science College: Phone 01509 268739
Head teacher: Mr C Davies
Nottingham Roman Catholic Diocesan Trustees (Company Number 7151646, Charity Number 1134449)
Registered Office: Willson House, 25 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5AW

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Monday, 17 October 2011

Pope Benedict announces a 'Year of Faith'.

The Holy Father has announced a 'Year of Faith' starting on October 11 2012, the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council.

You can read the Pope's letter announcing the year here. As a preparation, it would be good to reflect on the short excerpt below:

During this time we will need to keep our gaze fixed upon Jesus Christ, the “pioneer and perfecter of our faith”: in him, all the anguish and all the longing of the human heart finds fulfilment. The joy of love, the answer to the drama of suffering and pain, the power of forgiveness in the face of an offence received and the victory of life over the emptiness of death: all this finds fulfilment in the mystery of his Incarnation, in his becoming man, in his sharing our human weakness so as to transform it by the power of his resurrection. In him who died and rose again for our salvation, the examples of faith that have marked these two thousand years of our salvation history are brought into the fullness of light.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Newsletter for 15/16 October - Sunday 29(A)

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