Tuesday, 29 October 2013

To call you Christ, to invite you to pray

In my homily last weekend, I reminded you of what I said when I came to St Wilfrid's four years ago. I quoted some words of Blessed John Paul II from 1982. Here is a quote from a post I put on this site in September 2009:

As I reflect on this new stage of my life and ministry, I keep going back to words of Pope John Paul II when he addressed 35,000 young people in Cardiff in 1982. The Pope said that he hoped that, as long as the memory of his visit lasted, it would be remembered that he had come to Britain 'to call you to Christ, to invite you to pray!' Although I have had no time to form definite plans for the way the parish might develop, I am trying to keep those words of Pope John Paul as a sort of backdrop to my thinking and praying. I would be very happy if it were to be said of me, 'Father Colin came to Coalville to call us to Christ and invite us to pray.'